1991 ... Christmas always special and ours... "Memories are the spiritual wings we need to reach the spirits of our young warriors who travel in the Spirit-World, under the guidance and protection of the Wings-of-Life" (Thoughts from one of the Ancient Apulian People)
A Father's Love
Carmelo Tropiano - Guelph, ON (Canada)

A careless action, causes pain,
hearts are broken, souls are strained.
At his birth, the Father is unable to speak,
at his death, he remains unable to speak.

At a careless moment, a Father's dream is gone,
But a Father's love never dies, it goes on.
A careless whisper, a sudden lie,
was it a lack of respect, or a lonely cry?

In a Father's eyes it matters none,
A son is a son, even if he is gone.
A Father's love never dies, or becomes weak,
it becomes stronger and stronger never reaching a peak.

A Father's love can be lonely and cold, and unforgiving,
but a Father's love is strong, comforting and giving.
No matter what a son may do, in a cold thought,
a Father would never betray a son, he remains stout.

A son may seem to abandon his Father's love,
but this could never be so.
For a Father's love is eternal and true,
now and forever, Alexey, your Father loves you.